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story about a boy who writes poems and thinks of himself as a tragic, cynical soul and whom no one understands, who falls in love with an attractive whimsical girl with a “wild soul” who commits petty thefts and dyes her hair wacky colours and helps him reconnect with the beauty of life except PLOT TWIST she’s a succubus who preys on gullible cishet white boys who are so desperate for a manic pixie dream girl to complete them that they never see her coming


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Frozen and Once Upon a Time Parallels

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Oh he tried

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"I hate you"
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top 10 ouat characters as voted by my followers

10. tinkerbell

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No matter what those other traitors do, I’m on Pan’s side."
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oh no donut day means that ereri donut fanart yOU KNOW EXACTLY WHAT FANART DON’T PRETEND


did you mean this.

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